The Homebrewing Process

Do you like taking beer and would want to know you can make it at the comfort of your chairs? Home brewing is increasingly become popular among those who are taking beer. Home brewing is generally about making beer on a small scale for personal consumption. The practice of preparing beer at home has been there since time immemorial. There are some countries where this practice is prohibited, while there are other countries where it has been legalized. For instance, in the United States of America it was legalized in 1978, United Kingdom in 1963, Australia 1972, and New Zealand it has always been legal.


Reasons for Homebrewing

Beer has been brewed domestically for many years and it is a culture that many people are not willing to part ways with. Those who are brewing beer in their homesteads have got different reasons for doing so. Some of the reasons why they are brewing beer domestically include the following:

It is Cheaper than Buying

Most people have considered brewing beer domestically because it is cheaper for them than purchasing commercially equivalent beverages. A part from it being cheaper, they also argue that they can also adjust recipes according to their tastes and preferences. They are also making beverages that are not available on the market.

To Enter into Competition

Some people have opted to join beginner homebrewing clubs so as to participate in homebrew competitions. For instance, in U.S there is an organization known as the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) which normally presides over homebrew competitions, provide categories for judging, and certifies judges. These judging categories are referred to as Beer Style Guidelines and they are set by the BJCP style committee. There is also that similar competition in Britain and they are overseen by the board known as The National Guild of Wine and Beer Judge.


The principles behind the procedure of home brewing beer are the same as to those who are doing it for commercial purposes. Just like the beer that is brewed for commercial purposes, hoped wort is produced and yeast is pitched into the wort to catalyze the process of fermentation. The ambiguity of the process always depends on the approach used to manufacture the wort. And if for anything, the simplest method is kit brewing.


The decision of whether to mash the grains or buy malt extracts purely depend on the preference of the individual making the beer. After deciding on which he is going to use, the homebrewer will have to boil the liquid and add hops. The duration of time the wort will take boiling with the hops differs depending on the style of beer being brewed but in general boil times is normally one hour.

After it has boiled, get the pot out of the fire then stir it in the malt extract or the mashed grains, be extra careful to ensure doesnt gather on the lower part of the vessel. Mix it until it dissolves completely. The reason why you are getting the pot out of the fire source is to prevent it from scorching.


Fermentation in homebrewing should be done in a large glass or plastic or plastic buckets and it should be sealed. After sealing, vigorously shake the fermenter for one sixty seconds or more to supply the oxygen to the yeast. After shaking, protect the liquid from slashing out as much as you can till the time the beer is ready to be tested. There you are, start enjoying your beer. For more information about homebrewing, you may research online.


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