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        The core technology
        To "design perfect, service, dedication to continuous effectively improve" the quality policy,
        Adhere to the "independent, cooperation, innovation" three flag, wholeheartedly provides the high-quality service for the general customers.
        Company Profile
        About us
        Shanghai EKEY Environment Protection Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Yuqing”, English abbreviation EKEY) is a comprehensive engineering and technical service company specializing in engineering consulting, engineering general contracting business and engineering operation management. EKEY have the "Environmental Protection Project Contracting Level 3 Certificate", "Water Pollution Control Special Project Design Certificate", "Pollution Control Facilities Operation Service Certificate", etc. issued by relevant national administrative departments, which mainly serves three major business areas such as pesticide and chemical industry, medicine and health care, and semiconductor integrated circuits. It has unique expertise in engineering design and construction of pure water systems, wastewater systems, waste gas treatment, etc. required for the production environment in this field.